Book Review: Hawk Hagebak’s Motorcycle Adventures

Good books with decent maps are hard to come by. They’re either too long on copy and too short on route information, or just spend too much time on being a tourist guide book than on being a book for riders.

I love to take a good ride book with me and bust it open each night to get ideas for the next day’s ride. Hawk Hagebak has a great series of books titled Motorcycle Adventures that are geographically based, so if you know where you’re going, you take along a book and have enough rides for an entire week. There are three in the collection, and all cover the south, primarily TN, NC, and GA. Hawk also maintains a site called Motohawk. A review in case you’re curious from and a sample ride in the Southern Appalachians.

I found my copies of his books in a Harley shop in Chattanooga TN, and ended up using some of the rides from the North Georgia portion the next day. You can find used copies on Amazon for about $11.00 apiece.

For additional rides outside Florida, check out the Ride America blog.