Bears, Eating and Bike Week 2008

Riding down for Bike Week is great. There are bikes everywhere, people everywhere, drinking everywhere, and sometimes bad things happen. So, rather than warn everyone, I thought I’d share a couple of handy map mash-ups from the folks at

First – Bears!! I’m with Stephen Colbert on this one: we’re all still in the dark regarding where they use the bathroom, they hock everything from cereal to gelatinous candy, and even young ones outweigh a Rottweiler. If you’re headed to or from Daytona via the Ocala National Forest, don’t make the mistake of thinking bears are hibernating so won’t be out. Be careful. You don’t want to hit one. Here’s a map of where some bears have been found on Florida’s popular roads.
Second – Eating!! OK, enough about safety and bears. You want to know where to eat, so here are a couple of searchable listings that give you some listings/reviews and health inspection reports.
And, you probably need some coupons, so here’s a link for some local eateries.