Ride: Orlando FL to Lake Weir (Fat Daddy’s)

Destination: Fat Daddy’s, 10135 SE Sunset Harbor, Summerfield FL
Ride type: Lunch/Dinner, Loop
Total miles: 170 miles roundtrip
Travel time: 4 hours roundtrip

Overview of the Ride

This ride is a quick jaunt for some chow. Even though the destination is pretty close, this route gives you a nice two hour run from Orlando, keeps you away from the Villages and gets you to a spot that has one of the best burgers in Central Florida.

Fat Daddy’s is basically Key West on Lake Weir. Our server was laid back, the atmosphere was laid back, and everyone hanging out there was basically, laid back. You’ll be looking for a flat-roofed orange stucco from the street, but don’t let that throw you off. In the back you’ll find a Tahitian-themed bar. After a while, you start to realize the d├ęcor is more Margaritaville than Tahiti, but who cares, you definitely feel inclined to sit around all afternoon. The first table in the back door has a fire pit in the center – not what we you might be looking for in June, but come January, a good spot to park yourself.

If you’re into beer, this is the place for you. They have more than a bajillion different beers, and we’re not talking the various light versions of domestic brands. You’ll find Guinness, Newcastle, Bass, Yuengling, Amber Bock and about fifteen other brands on draft. Yes – I said on draft. We were on the bikes, so of the bajillion available to me, I had one – but with the temps in the 90s, it was the best single beer I’d had during the month.

The food was great. I had the Black and Bleu burger, which was a healthy-portion of Angus beef smothered in bleu cheese. Princess had the Big Mouth burger, and J&M each had the antipasto salad. I do have to say the salad looked very tasty with nice-sized portions of fresh Italian meat cuts. We had onion rings as an appetizer, which were a nice non-greasy compliment to the Newcastle.

Once our casual lunch of two hours had timed out, we hit the road. This is a great area for small restaurants catering to the locals. Keep your eye out for the next eatery adventure as you’re headed back. Oh – and I believe there might be an ice cream opportunity or two along the way.

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