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Your ride-obsessed blogger - SamichAt RideFL.com we’re about riding. We try to average about 250 miles a weekend so we can find the best roads around Central Florida. Now sometimes hurricanes keep us from reaching our goal – but otherwise, we ride whenever we have the chance. I’ve been riding for almost 5 years, and have 40,000 miles under my belt in six states. Granted, I haven’t seen everything, and compared to my fellow HOG members, they would say I haven’t seen much, but how many of us out there ever think we have? After all, that’s part of why we ride.

I think part of the reason I ride is my life as an Air Force brat. Moving was an adventure. After the moving van left the house, we’d pack up the car and drive to the next place – Utah, Minnesota, Quebec, Florida, Illinois, Louisiana. I grew up driving through small towns before the Interstate was standard fare, seeing the lives of other people flying past the green tinted windows of my father’s station wagon.

Now, on my Heritage Softail, there’s no better feeling than riding past a farm house on Memorial Day in a line of 60 bikes, raising a hand to an WWII vet sitting on his tractor at his fence, holding an American flag and saluting as we roar by; or waving to a child in the back seat of a mini-van, remembering what it felt like to see my first motorcycle ride beside our car on a two-lane in Minnesota.

I guess the point is: I love seeing this country the way it looked back in the 40’s or 50’s. Old Florida, with towns that grew from nothing simply because clowns, elephants and the circus showed up – towns you’ll never see from the Interstate. Communities with businesses that have passed from family to family, generation to generation. People that are friendly, and proud of their towns – their lives.

To ride is to see the America that makes this country unique – to be a part of a small group of individuals who understand what it means to journey off the beaten path through picturesque mornings, August days of searing heat, afternoons of torrential rain and December snaps of freezing temperatures.

I go by Samich on the road, so if you see me, give me a shout and let’s talk about one of your rides.  Some of my riding buddies include Princess, who is a highly selective and somewhat cynical shopper – so helps with the product reviews; Jill and Mike, who try everything, know everyone and know some of the best roads in Central Florida; and Dawson and Sharon who are great fun to be with and know the worst jokes on the planet.

This site is an attempt to share some of the adventures I’ve had with good friends who have shown me the back roads of Florida.  There’s nothing better than great roads and great friends on a 68 degree day.

Ride and Remember the Journey,
Linda “Samich” Schaible

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