$5 Camera Mount For Your Bike

I’ve been looking around the web for some camera mount ideas, and found an instructional video for a $5 version over at Helmet Hair Motorcycle Blog. Instruction Video $5 Camera Mount

Considering that these things can run anywhere from $99 to $280, finding a McGyver solution is always great.

Pashnit Motorcycle Tours found an interesting adaptation out on the road in California. It was a camera bag with a hole cut in the front and bungeed to the tank bag. The video camera is protected by foam stuffed in the bag.

If you’re interested in not taking chances with your camera, there are some camera mount options out there that someone’s actually tested.

  • CamMount makes a handlebar mount that will fit on an bike, and they’re running a sale right now, so it’s $40 off the grip action models (weigh about 4 lbs).
  • I also checked out my ride on RAM Mounting Systems (’03 Heritage Classic Softail), and got a list of parts, but no real solution that actually showed me what to purchase to make it work – so good luck with there. Too bad too, because they had some good looking aqua boxes that might have been handy in bad weather.
  • Same problem with the Saeng site. I imagine there’s a set up that will work for a video and/or digital camera, but they didn’t have the quick find so I bailed.
  • Now, if you’re on a sport bike, you’re in luck. Sport Bike Cam has a great sport bike solution, excellent instructions for use and mounting, and you can purchase it directly from their site.

If you’re looking for a high-end camera and mounting system, check out Twenty20 Cameras. They make both helmet and motorcycle mount cameras, they don’t try and sell you something you don’t need, and they put a lot into a small package for a good price.

Their VholdR wearable camrecorder looks like it would be a great
solution for anyone on a bike. It records up to 100 minutes onto a microSD. Is water, dirt and shock resistant. Will mount to a helmet or handlebars. Looks simple and highly functional. I think I’ve talked myself into one!

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